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At Freeman Goldis and Cash, as parents as well as attorneys, we understand how important your goals are for child time sharing and visitation.

We also understand that many parents have fears of their spouse alienating their children.

All child related issues are determined based upon that which is in the child’s best interest, and many times it is decided that BOTH parents should have and maintain an active role in their child’s life.

A detailed outline of issues involving your child, and the disposition of parental responsibility and time sharing, will be determined by either a Judge or an agreement with the other parent.

This outline is commonly referred to as a Parenting Plan and it covers all of the pertinent issues, including each parent’s decision-making authority, time sharing, and communication with their children.

At Freeman Goldis & Cash, our experienced and knowledgeable attorneys will assist you in navigating the delicate and important issues of child custody and parenting arrangements.

Contact our office at 727-327-2258, or visit us on the web at FGCLawFirm.com and arrange a no-obligation consultation regarding your situation and case.