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You have the right to know what financial responsibility you have for your child.  The unknown financial impact you face may be a scary thought.  The experienced attorneys at Brasfield, Freeman, Goldis and Cash, P.A. are here to help you narrow the gap of the unknown.  We will provide you with our extensive knowledge and legal advice so you know your rights and obligations to your child.  Child support has many factors that may substantially impact your financial responsibility such as time sharing with your child; contributions to health care, day care, uncovered medical expenses; subsequently born children; and tax filings.

If you are unable to pay your child support or if the other parent has received a raise after child support was established you may be able to modify the child support. Child support may be modified after it is ordered if there is a substantial change in circumstances.  For instance, if yours or the other parent’s income has changed or you exercise a different time-sharing schedule then what was previously ordered you may be entitled to modify the child support upwards or downwards.

Finally, if you are not receiving child support or other child related expenses that were previously ordered you may have a claim to enforce the child support and hold the other party in contempt for failure to pay.  Your child has the right to quality health care, housing, day care and basic necessities.  We want to assist you in making sure your child is receiving what he or she is entitled to.

Child support is a right belonging to the child and we can help you navigate what that means to you. If you have questions about how you will financially support your child or how much the other parent is financially responsible for, you should call us at 727-327-2258 to schedule a free thirty-minute consultation to discuss your individualized case.