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As of June 26, 2015, all couples in the United States have the same marriage rights.  This is a milestone that brought exciting changes to both Florida and Federal laws.  With such exciting changes and celebration of marriage equality, there is the truth that some marriages end in divorce.  All couples in the United States now face similar legal issues in a divorce case, including:

Parenting Issues: The court determines all child related issues under the premise of what is in the child’s best interest.  You can reference the Florida Supreme Court approved Parenting Plan in the commonly used forms section.  This is an outline of some aspects that will be determined in your individualized case.

Equitable Distribution/Division of Property: The Court starts with the presumption that marital assets and debts will be equally divided between the parties.  There are some factors that may overcome the presumption of an equal distribution.  Our qualified attorneys can discuss the factors that may assist you with reaching your goal of how to distribute your assets and debts.

Alimony: This is one of the most difficult aspects of the divorce for both the spouse that may be paying alimony or the spouse who is relying on receiving alimony.  Many factors are considered by the court in determining one spouse’s need and the other’s ability to pay alimony.  Whether you are concerned about your exposure for having to pay alimony or your need to receive alimony we are experienced assisting families at all income levels.  There are many forms of alimony including permanent, temporary, rehabilitative, durational, lump sum, bridge the gap and combinations of such alimony awards that we are able to explain to you.

Child Support: This is the support paid by parents for the child’s benefit based on their allowable net incomes.  Included in this determination, may be the parents’ responsibility for day care, health insurance, and uncovered medical expenses.

We have many years of experience litigating cases in trial and evidentiary hearings and we will use that experience to provide you with the knowledge you deserve to make informed decisions and outline realistic goals.  Resolving your case to protect your rights and have the least financial impact is our goal. We are zealous attorneys that are compassionate to your needs.  Contact the attorneys at Freeman, Goldis and Cash, P.A., 727-327-2258, to schedule a free thirty-minute consultation to discuss your divorce case.